Saturday, June 19, 2010

News Paper.

It always good when you got your artwork printed, someone said that on twitter, i must admit it. So here you go, i was really happy, not too happy, but pretty happy, when my photographs printed on a newspaper. It was a fine day in May 12 when my friend told me a night before that my photo will be printed the next morning, i was like, oh really? i just sent them today, and they'll print it tomorrow? Ok so, i woke up the next morning, felt not well because i got my PE lesson, and in my way to school, i stopped and ask my driver to buy me a newspaper, and that was truly happened.

Koran Seputar Indonesia, 12 Mei 2010

So i attached 4 photos to them but they only featured 2 photos of mine, i meant not the 'real' featured, it was like a review of photo by master, so they like my right picture, but they don't really like my left picture, they said, the model is beautiful, but the picture is kinda noisy (and ironically) Yes I Am, i added the noise effect by photoshop, and they said the property is kinda messy, and i must agree with it, but that's fine, critics is good sometimes, anyway, they gave me lots of advises.

And after a week, i got my second printed artwork again, still by Seputar Indonesia, i was shocked, because they not even told me, so, i'm guessing what picture is it, and i remembered i attached 4 photos, and they print one of it, and the also made an article about my school event! yes it was Labs Project 2010 Future Vision, ladies and gentleman....

Koran Seputar Indonesia, 19 Mei 2010

it was a blast, i was really happy, oh i mean i am really happy that i have something to make my parents proud of, but sadly, i'm kinda lack of taking picture, i'm about thinking, maybe i'm not really into photography, you know... i don't have a real good picture since i lost all of my photos on my laptop, it's kinda frustrating, but, it still so good.


  1. so proud of you, ndre :) keep up the good work!

  2. Oh my god, disaaa!!!! this is so nice, thanks a lottt girlll, hug for youu

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