Saturday, May 15, 2010

If Only Fairytales Does Exist.

You've already heard about Labs Project 2010 right? yeah it's a major success, almost 9000 people came to our big project, and we got lots of good compliments from lots of people, so before That Event, we had the Pre-Event in April 10th, and so did, Labzoom give a contribution for an Exhibition, it's about Futuristic & Culture. And Fathia came with her idea about Underwater Photography, you know it's hard to combine a couture fashion photography with basicly futuristic idea, so after a few brain-storming we did the Under Water photography and give a little futuristic aspect in the property, i came with my idea about communication so we gave the model a telephone.


Models: Maharani Vicka Dini, Nadhira Arifani
Photographed by: Dwi Fathia Rachmawati, Nadia Achmalia Mitahir
Retouched by: Andre Reksa
Words : Andre Reksa
Make Up by: Bila Renjani, Nadia Achmalia, Jene Az
Wardrobe by: Models


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