Saturday, April 17, 2010

ze April

Hello April!, how's your april? sorry for the lack of updates, i don't have the spirit for writing, and photography either! so lame. So how about your April? i spent my first april with came to the Latest EP 'Sombreros Kiddos' Launching of Sore ze Band in A.O.D Space, and i'm so glad that my artwork was displayed in that day, also with another kampiuns artworks

So the gig was awesome, i really enjoy all of those songs, and the crowds all sing-a-long, and we can choose the song, because it was a special gig, they wasn't prepared for the setlist, the bad news is..... it was be the last gig before they launch their 3rd album on august or maybe september. The gig was fine but the space is too small for kampiuns, it's like they have a concert in a living room, too small too crowded and too hot, sadly i don't bring the EP and yeah i can't asked for their signature.

And then, i also contributed in Labs Recital 2010 as a documentary crew, i must admit it, it was the best recital i've ever seen (well i only had two recital so far) i love the stage, the lights, the bands, the piano recital, choir, ansamble, but one of the best performance is MOCCA, they was sing about 12 songs, it's a big WOW, Arina was so sweet, i love her stage performance, her outfit, and finally i can take a photograph with her! also with Labzoom and Morgen bis Abend.


Well, i love my new Profile Picture, it was taken in sombreros kiddos launching, i do some retouch and i really love that, one of my friends said it look like a cover of british band, lol!



  1. kayanya lo moto apa aja hasilnya jadi bagus ya hahaha woot !

  2. apaan yang bagus coba, makasih deh shika unyununyunyunyu (sok imut)