Saturday, April 17, 2010

J'ai trouvé un spectre de lumières dans une boîte de chocolat

Bulb Project is the latest Project of Labzoom Photography Society, it's all about how long you press the shutter, and the camera will catch the lights as long as you press it. We had some experiment from a word to drawings, it was fun. This photoworks is a collaboration of Andre Reksa, Dwi Fathia, Bila Renjani, Laras Ayu, and Aldo Lazuardi.


  1. keren banget dre keren banget banget banget dre gue suka deh yang payung sayap sama tulisan andre ya Allah keren banget dre.

  2. keren yaaaaaa, gw juga suka banget huhuhuh terharu

  3. i love the umbrella! ! ! !

    so simple but adorable! hahaha

    nice one! :)

  4. That's my favorite too, thanks a lot!!!