Sunday, March 14, 2010

New Sketches.

Hello people! how's your march? i just finished my mid term exam, and then had fun at JavaJazz Festival, life is kinda boring nowadays, i lost my sense of photography, but i found new passion at sketching and drawing. i would like to post some new sketch, hope you like it :---)

February, 2010.

Ramondo Gascaro, 2B Pencil on A4 Paper.

Ade Firza Paloh, 2B Pencil on A4 Paper.

Dwi Fathia, 2B Pencil on A4 paper (Happy Belated Birthday bu boss!)

March, 2010

Dinia Nurfatiha, 2B Pencil on A4 Paper.

Karina Putri Widyaningsih, 2B Pencil on A4 Paper.

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