Monday, March 22, 2010

A letter from mars

Holga 120 CFN
Kodak Ektacolor 160 pro - 120mm
Negative Scan
© 2010 andre reksa

"Everybody stays in one place
It takes to know one
Avoid the wrong ones
Somehow i think i just loosing my way
i never know how to be the right one
i don't know how to spell happiness
i asked people to smile widely but i can't make it for my self
i do some introspection this week
i kept silent for about 2 hours one day
i don't know about any kind of problems
but sometimes i just think about the inconvenience condition at me
you know when someone doesn't really like you because you really love something
it's sucks
you can't stop loving it, and yes you can't stop people to hate it
i always stuck in one thing when i already love it, i know it's kinda monotone
and a bit annoying, i can't stop talking about it

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