Saturday, June 19, 2010

News Paper.

It always good when you got your artwork printed, someone said that on twitter, i must admit it. So here you go, i was really happy, not too happy, but pretty happy, when my photographs printed on a newspaper. It was a fine day in May 12 when my friend told me a night before that my photo will be printed the next morning, i was like, oh really? i just sent them today, and they'll print it tomorrow? Ok so, i woke up the next morning, felt not well because i got my PE lesson, and in my way to school, i stopped and ask my driver to buy me a newspaper, and that was truly happened.

Koran Seputar Indonesia, 12 Mei 2010

So i attached 4 photos to them but they only featured 2 photos of mine, i meant not the 'real' featured, it was like a review of photo by master, so they like my right picture, but they don't really like my left picture, they said, the model is beautiful, but the picture is kinda noisy (and ironically) Yes I Am, i added the noise effect by photoshop, and they said the property is kinda messy, and i must agree with it, but that's fine, critics is good sometimes, anyway, they gave me lots of advises.

And after a week, i got my second printed artwork again, still by Seputar Indonesia, i was shocked, because they not even told me, so, i'm guessing what picture is it, and i remembered i attached 4 photos, and they print one of it, and the also made an article about my school event! yes it was Labs Project 2010 Future Vision, ladies and gentleman....

Koran Seputar Indonesia, 19 Mei 2010

it was a blast, i was really happy, oh i mean i am really happy that i have something to make my parents proud of, but sadly, i'm kinda lack of taking picture, i'm about thinking, maybe i'm not really into photography, you know... i don't have a real good picture since i lost all of my photos on my laptop, it's kinda frustrating, but, it still so good.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Celoteh Ibu Kantin

Terbilanglah tiga ibu kantin di sekolah saya; Ibu Baik/Ibu Sayang, Ibu Ketek, dan Ibu Sehat. Ibu Sayang baru pindah ke lapak baru, karena kantin SMA sudah bobrok, begitu terkenalnya kebaikan Ibu Baik sehingga pembeli selalu setia, Ibu Ketek dan Ibu Sehat pusing bukan kepalang, persaingan mereka sangat ketat. Ibu Ketek (mungkin namanya terdengar aneh) dari rumor yang beredar, tangan ibu ketek sering terkontaminasi dengan....... (ya kalian bisa lihat sendiri dari nama nya), Ibu Sehat termasuk ibu kantin yang makananya enak, selalu memberi sayuran dan tempe gratis, namun harganya selangit boowww.

Jadi ceritanya Saya, Tommy dan Aldo adalah salahtiga penggemar makanan Ibu Baik, ketika kami menemukan fakta menarik jika Ibu Baik selalu mengucapkan Kata Sayang. Contohnya: "Mau makan apa Sayang...." "10.000 aja Sayang...." "Nasinya banyak gak Sayang....?"

Mulailah imajinasi merambah liar menjadi; Parodi Ibu Sayang

*Suatu hari yang sibuk, Ibu Padang dan Ibu Sehat sangat iri melihat kesuksesan Ibu Sayang, maka mereka berduapun mengatur rencana untuk mengintimidasi Ibu Sayang*

Ibu Ketek: "Saya sumpel nih pake ketek"
Ibu Sehat: "Saya lempar pake sayur sama tempe nih, plak plak"
ibu Sayang: "Ampun sayang.... ampun sayang...." *terkulai lemas bersimbah sambal*

Sedihnya, ibu sayang sering curhat tentang kisah sedih di hari sekolah

"Iya sayang... saya takut kalo buat nasi goreng lagi, ibu sebelah jadi iri, doakan saja ya sayang...."

Tak luput juga sebuah percakapan aneh bin ajaib

Anak SMP Kelaperan: "Bu mau makan dong!!!! pake triplek ya...!" *sambil menunjuk ke arah sterofoam*

Beberapa minggu Ibu sayang ambil cuti melahirkan, dan harga makananya jadi mahal, tapi akhirnya Ibu Sayang balik lagi ke kantin saya, dan sebuah percakapan absurd kembali terjadi....

Saya: "Loh ibu baik udah ngelahirin ya?"
Tommy: "Iya, lepas"
Saya: "Gila lo lepas, brojol kali"
Tommy: "Gue ngomongnya kempes....."

.....menurut lo?.....

Saturday, May 15, 2010

If Only Fairytales Does Exist.

You've already heard about Labs Project 2010 right? yeah it's a major success, almost 9000 people came to our big project, and we got lots of good compliments from lots of people, so before That Event, we had the Pre-Event in April 10th, and so did, Labzoom give a contribution for an Exhibition, it's about Futuristic & Culture. And Fathia came with her idea about Underwater Photography, you know it's hard to combine a couture fashion photography with basicly futuristic idea, so after a few brain-storming we did the Under Water photography and give a little futuristic aspect in the property, i came with my idea about communication so we gave the model a telephone.


Models: Maharani Vicka Dini, Nadhira Arifani
Photographed by: Dwi Fathia Rachmawati, Nadia Achmalia Mitahir
Retouched by: Andre Reksa
Words : Andre Reksa
Make Up by: Bila Renjani, Nadia Achmalia, Jene Az
Wardrobe by: Models


Saturday, April 17, 2010

J'ai trouvé un spectre de lumières dans une boîte de chocolat

Bulb Project is the latest Project of Labzoom Photography Society, it's all about how long you press the shutter, and the camera will catch the lights as long as you press it. We had some experiment from a word to drawings, it was fun. This photoworks is a collaboration of Andre Reksa, Dwi Fathia, Bila Renjani, Laras Ayu, and Aldo Lazuardi.

ze April

Hello April!, how's your april? sorry for the lack of updates, i don't have the spirit for writing, and photography either! so lame. So how about your April? i spent my first april with came to the Latest EP 'Sombreros Kiddos' Launching of Sore ze Band in A.O.D Space, and i'm so glad that my artwork was displayed in that day, also with another kampiuns artworks

So the gig was awesome, i really enjoy all of those songs, and the crowds all sing-a-long, and we can choose the song, because it was a special gig, they wasn't prepared for the setlist, the bad news is..... it was be the last gig before they launch their 3rd album on august or maybe september. The gig was fine but the space is too small for kampiuns, it's like they have a concert in a living room, too small too crowded and too hot, sadly i don't bring the EP and yeah i can't asked for their signature.

And then, i also contributed in Labs Recital 2010 as a documentary crew, i must admit it, it was the best recital i've ever seen (well i only had two recital so far) i love the stage, the lights, the bands, the piano recital, choir, ansamble, but one of the best performance is MOCCA, they was sing about 12 songs, it's a big WOW, Arina was so sweet, i love her stage performance, her outfit, and finally i can take a photograph with her! also with Labzoom and Morgen bis Abend.


Well, i love my new Profile Picture, it was taken in sombreros kiddos launching, i do some retouch and i really love that, one of my friends said it look like a cover of british band, lol!


Monday, March 22, 2010

Holga 120 CFN
Kodak Ektacolor 160 pro - 120mm
Negative Scan

playing with words last week:

They drew in like cold hands to a fire, they coloring my day in yellow, they change me in a good way, They drew in like cold hands to a fire.

I must build another kind of life, I must do something, my life is blue, and everything is a lullaby.

Bed time is a pleasure.

The way you smile expressing how many problems that you hide.

I guess moving forwards is a lullaby, people keep looking for a fault, and looking over behind it.

Diamonds of sunlight danced on the water, every little thing is an introspection.

Smile like a foolish clown, yet we need smile like a foolish clown.

A letter from mars

Holga 120 CFN
Kodak Ektacolor 160 pro - 120mm
Negative Scan
© 2010 andre reksa

"Everybody stays in one place
It takes to know one
Avoid the wrong ones
Somehow i think i just loosing my way
i never know how to be the right one
i don't know how to spell happiness
i asked people to smile widely but i can't make it for my self
i do some introspection this week
i kept silent for about 2 hours one day
i don't know about any kind of problems
but sometimes i just think about the inconvenience condition at me
you know when someone doesn't really like you because you really love something
it's sucks
you can't stop loving it, and yes you can't stop people to hate it
i always stuck in one thing when i already love it, i know it's kinda monotone
and a bit annoying, i can't stop talking about it

Sunday, March 14, 2010

New Sketches.

Hello people! how's your march? i just finished my mid term exam, and then had fun at JavaJazz Festival, life is kinda boring nowadays, i lost my sense of photography, but i found new passion at sketching and drawing. i would like to post some new sketch, hope you like it :---)

February, 2010.

Ramondo Gascaro, 2B Pencil on A4 Paper.

Ade Firza Paloh, 2B Pencil on A4 Paper.

Dwi Fathia, 2B Pencil on A4 paper (Happy Belated Birthday bu boss!)

March, 2010

Dinia Nurfatiha, 2B Pencil on A4 Paper.

Karina Putri Widyaningsih, 2B Pencil on A4 Paper.